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It’s not big, just clever

The CONTOUR® NEXT USB meter is the clever way to record as much or as little diabetes information as you like, quickly and easily.

Using the optional features you can enter your carbohydrate and insulin information to get a complete view of your blood glucose control. You can also review your logbook and trends on the meter itself, or download and share the results using your computer.

Key Meter Features

  • 2,000 test memory - store up to 3 months of your results and view trends, which is suitable if you need to maintain a record for the DVLA/DVA+
  • Option to log carbohydrates
  • Option to log Insulin units

The large memory makes CONTOUR® NEXT USB ideal for drivers and others who need a longer term view of their control. Use our Diabetes and Driving assessment tool to find out about the laws and guidelines for drivers with diabetes. Please visit

Uses CONTOUR® NEXT test strips for remarkable accuracy

The CONTOUR® NEXT range of meters all utilise the CONTOUR® NEXT test strip and have demonstrated they deliver exceptional accuracy for results you can rely on, to help you make better diabetes management decisions.

Available on prescription
  • Tiny sample size with easy Sip-In Sampling® helps you get the right amount of blood on your first try.
  • Second-Chance™ sampling allows you to apply more blood if the first sample was insufficient, which helps to avoid the need for repeat finger pricking
  • Innovative Multipulse accuracy technology from Bayer, evaluates a single sample 7 times to ensure accurate glucose measurements, even when blood glucose levels are low. Accuracy is not affected by many common interfering substances*
  • No Coding technology removes the need to manually code the meter before testing, eliminating errors due to miscoding

*Full details available in test strip pack insert.
+ DVLA: Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (covers England, Wales and Scotland).DVA: Driver and Vehicle Agency (covers Northern Ireland)

Test Strips

The CONTOUR® NEXT USB meter uses the CONTOUR® NEXT test strip to deliver remarkable accuracy. Don’t forget to ask your GP to update your prescription PIP CODE 368-2119. Learn more >

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